PRINOTH’s service

Competent and Always Reachable.

By maintaining daily contact and with the continuing training of our service partners throughout the world, we guarantee our customers competent support and technical assistance with maintenance and service. We have 14 subsidiaries and 87 sales and service points at your service.

PRINOTH service

Competent and Always Reachable .

Thanks to their innovative technology, PRINOTH snow groomers are very much in demand, and even after many years of use, they still have plenty left. But before PRINOTH used vehicles start a second life, they are subjected to an extensive inspection.

Our technicians examine every compo­nent thoroughly and carry out any necessary repairs with genuine PRINOTH replacement parts. Our vehicles are also professionally prepared visually, in order to provide their future owners with lasting pride of ownership. Keep an eye on the PRINOTH seal of approval. Play it safe! In order for you to always feel good about your purchase of a used vehicle, both during and afterwards, all of our PRINOTH vehicles are certified and carry the PRINOTH quality seal shown here.

Excellent spare parts service

PRINOTH has made a definite move forward in service quality with its new logistics center in Telfs, Innsbruck (Austria), offering its customers a significant benefit with extra service in the heart of the Alpine region. When the ski resorts are full in winter, the service team is in demand to ensure everything is running smoothly on the slopes.