Testing method

The total cost of ownership approach.

In cooperation with TÜV SÜD, the technical service provider for safety, a method was developed in order to determine the surface covered per hour and the fuel consumption per unit area for all groomers on the market. The results have provided solid measurements by which we are actively working to improve our products in order to offer our clients not only technical excellence but also sustainable costs. Description of the steps:

  • 1. The distance covered by the vehicle is measured by the GPS.
  • 2. The distance measured by the GPS is then correlated with the number of hours the tiller was used.
  • 3. The distance measured by the GPS is multiplied by the width cut by the tiller of each vehicle. This gives the surface covered.
  • 4. The surface covered per hour is obtained by dividing the area covered by the time it took to groom this area. 

These measurements have been done on 9 different types of vehicles on a total of 20 vehicles.