Steve Fisher

Director of trails, Aspen

This year we picked up the Beast from PRINOTH. And the first day, I knew that we had to have one on this hill. It is more efficient for us with the added tiller width, about every third lap we are getting about what two cats would do.

Jim Ward

Director of purchasing, Aspen

We want to provide the best available equipment and technology to our grooming operators, but it is really to drive our total cost of ownership down. Many places can deliver quality grooming, but the real issue is to deliver it efficiently.

Jim Ward

Director of purchasing, Aspen

We have Bison and Beast cats, and the efficiencies that we’ve gained through getting more acres on the ground, higher reliability, lower maintainance and fuel costs are essential for us to be able to compete in challenging economic times.

Mark Winkler

CEO, Sextner Dolomites

Due to the width of the Beast, you can do the same slope with less laps, quicker and more efficiently. With its power, you can go on steep slopes, I mean really steep slopes, without a winch. That means again time savings and less costs.

Eric-A. Balet

CEO, Téléverbier, Suisse

We are impressed by the performance of the Beast: an area could be processed of more than 1 ha/hr with a fuel consumption of only 7 l/ha. We ordered two more Beast cats, for a total of 5, to further extend the slope quality.

Naim Gül

Fleet manager, Turkish Ski Federation

The Beast is unbelievable! Its size and grooming speed exceed anything that came before it. Only an aircraft would be even stronger than the Beast.